Arnis X

Arnis X Combines Aspects Of Single And Double Stick, Knife, Sword,
Empty Hand, Trapping, Locks, Throws And Ground Control.
It Will Teach
You How To Defend Yourself Against Armed And Unarmed Attacks. When
Training In Arnis X You Will Become Highly Skilled At Being Able To
Counter Your Attacker From Any Angle!”

“The Ultimate Martial Arts Weapons System…
Learn To Master The Sticks, Knife, Sword & Much More!”

Allow Me To Give You A Free 30 Day Membership To My Academy so you can see whether It’s right for you. And in just your first lesson, I’ll show you that it will be fun, something you can do and become good at. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by a great bunch of people who will inspire and motivate you every single class!

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